Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce Features:

  1. Get 1 Domain Name, Web Space & Email Ids
  2. Live Chat with your Customers
  3. You can Add & Manage Menu & Items with Full Details
  4. You can Add Item photo in Items Page & Click to Enlarge. Add Items Full Details
  5. You can Add & Manage Menu & Items with Full Details
  6. Customer Comments & Item Ratings / Reviews
  7. Filter Products By Size, Color, Price, Brand Etc
  8. Check Service Pincode Availability
  9. Items Price with Discount Details
  10. 2 or more Items Add to Compare
  11. Add To Cart & Buy Now Buttons
  12. Cash On Delivery & Online Payments
  13. Order & Delivery Details by Email & SMS. Send Offers & Discounts by Email & SMS.
  14. Manage Different Logins (Clients & Admin Logins )
  15. Track Client Full Details (Address, Ph No, Email Id, History & Statues Track Full Details)
  16. Integrate Social Media
  17. Bulk Items Import via Excel
  18. Track Inventory (Stocks Details & Chart) & Teak Full Printouts.
  19. Track Top Selling Products Full Details.
  20. You can Manage Other Page ( Return Policy, Contact etc )
  21. Get Enquiry Form & Reach Us Map
  22. You can Manage Full Site
  23. Support & Maintenance
  24. Backend Admin Panel you can Add Categories, Product Details, Images, Options, Descriptions, Photos, Information's, Shipping Options and also you get complete Sales Reports, Order Management & Customer Management.

Ecommerce Ecommerce Ecommerce

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